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Monday, December 10, 2007

Altri Award per Hanna

Un Award arriva dal blog di
Colin Richards aka Cotojo

I am a little nutty..
Kim from PurpleFrogCat has awarded me with this ‘I’m a little nutty’ Award and so has Jos of NoDirectOn (NotNoDirection). Ok guys….I got the message lol.
Well, I guess the truth is out now therefore the other people that I seriously think are a little nutty areand get this awesome award are:
Deborah - Life In The Fast Lane, Hanna - Amorie,Poesie, Arte, Chat Virtuali, Genie Princess - Mariuca, Ev Nucci - My Life Is Murphy’s Law, Ann - A Nice Place In the Sun

L'altro Award mi giunge dal blog di graziosissima studentessa di William Penn University, Stacie

So, I would like to create my own award recognizing those people whose blog I enjoy read and have made an impact on my life and my blogging ability.

If first would like to thank and award Speedcat Hollydale,Billion Dollar Baloney,Jenna's Blog,Double Decker Buses, and Mighty Morgan . These people really helped get my blog on its feet.

Other awards I would like to give out is to:
1. Drowsey Monkey
2. Additional BlogLove
4. Sinigang

Grazie a entrambi,sono onorata!

A dire il vero, io a quel punto potrei dividere questi Award con i blog che mi attraggono.
Il problema è che nella nostra Italia della tradizionalissima Europa non filtrano tanto certe correnti innovative giunte dal Nuovo Mondo...
Potrei anche proporre certi blog Italiani, ma loro capiranno l'aprezzamento ed il modo di vivere la blogosfera?!
L'Award "I am a little nutty" lo passo con piacere a GrahamJ
L'Award di Stacie lo passo al mio veneratissimo scrittore e giornalista: Vincenzo A.Romano
Lynda Lehmann

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Iwan R said...

Hello..it's the first time i've read your posting Hanna....i see your thinking re so cool and glorious....
i'm extracted always to have all the more known about cultur pattern of bloggers in the world ,especially for which uniqueness blog and bloggers like you...haha....
thanks Hanna ..see you again

Iwan R said...

once again Hanna..
i has been members of linky love..by your invited thats..cause i've get in touch with my paypal account...

thanks again..

HANNA said...

Hi Iwan!
the ticket is freeee! /gratis!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Ciao da Speedcat Hollydale. Le congratulazioni sulle sue ricompense nuove! @:~)-|-<

Lynda Lehmann said...

Grazie Hanna, for the award! What a nice surprise! :-)

VAR said...

Grazie Hanna, arriveremo davvero a Vladivostock insieme