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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blog del giorno nove


L'ultima dal blog "Santaslinklove" di SantaClaus
Il Santissimo ha inventato un Award che assegna giornalmente ai blog favoriti, più votati.Oggi ha toccato al mio blog. Hurrah!!
Grazie a Santa, e a tutti i votanti!!
Per chi fosse interessato, invito a visitare il blog of the day per nominare o votare.

"Ho Ho Ho Everyone !
The votes for today are all in and tallied and we have a winner.
The voting was up and down for most of the day until our winner pulled away to a clear lead.
Today's winner is Hanna from Amori,poesie,arte,chat virtuali (Love, poetry, art, virtual chat)
Well done Hanna and congratulations to you.
I know you will be proud to display your Santa's Blog of the Day badge.."

Hello guys!
Thanks a million!

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Norm said...

wow! you got it..so nice to know that you win the contest.. congratulation and if ok with you continue voting for me... thanks and take care

Anonymous said...

Hanna, Congratulazioni per il tuo premio si meritano ed è tutto su di te!
Caldi abbracci e baci a voi

JOY said...

thank you for visiting kikay-site.net Hanna..You can also vore for me in Joyod as i am also nominated..its my three weeks already haha..

HANNA said...

Thanks again!!!
hot embrace!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Congratulations!!! I hope to win someday too .... I am jealous of Hanna, but you were the BEST blog!!
****applause**** :-)