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Tutti abbiamo il nostro negativo, delle zone d'ombra, o visioni speculari e parliamo d'amore, là, dove io muoio.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Earworm a compliments day

"Lui si considera fortissimo da avere un amico come me!"

Questi buddies ho ricevuto da Lady Norm.
"A compliments day"

Norm says:
A real friends must be cherished beyond all worldly measures and shine brighter than gold and last longer than diamonds. A compliments day meme from a beautiful sexy friend Lotis! thanks gurl for sharing me this and love to pass this to Joy, Marie Grace, Butchay, Chubby, Tere, Gina, Summer, Tina, Juliana, Pam, Brian, Lira, Butchay, Rich, Cecil, Carolyn, Gracie, Mabelle, Colin, Hanna, Prettylife, Raquel, Apexjess, Lisa, Jaja, Apple, Avee,Diwata, Jennifer, Sexymom, Rechel and Rickavieves.



Anonymous said...

Ciao cara Hanna
Congratulazioni per l'aggiudicazione, e spero che lei ha avuto una splendida bithday.
Ho un meme per te, che va con questo premio
Dettagli qui: Details here Details here

Tocca a voi se partecipare o no:)
Abbracci e baci

Anonymous said...

Hanna mia cara, ho un premio speciale per voi....
Details here
Baci e abbracci.

Shinade said...

Congratulations Hanna!! I know we have just met but I can tell already that you are truly a special person.

And why didn't you tell me yesterday that it was your birthday too!! I just found out over to Santa's.

Happy,Happy Birthday Hanna,

HANNA said...

OK! Jackie,
I love my a much also by my...
J'adore Shinade.
Thx a million,
See U Jackie ;0)

Norm said...

Hello Hanna! if you have time visit my yesterday's site I have a contract tag 4 you..TC

HANNA said...

Norm Sweetheart!
I'm appreciate this contract!
Now I define one new for my friend-tag,
thx, take care,see U Lady!

Mee mOe said...

Awesome !!!! Thanks for visiting and commenting me on my blogs !!!

Max said...


Un premio per te a: