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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Todd Bentley fa miracoli in Florida

Todd Bentley said in an interview that he doesn't know exactly why now, why him, why Lakeland, and he does not promise that everyone who comes to him will be healed. But he does maintain a pragmatic posture toward prayer.
LAKELAND, Fla. – "Holy Spirit fall! God is here! We want more! More, more, more!"

Decine di guarigioni miracolose compie il Pastore canadese Todd Bentley, 32 anni compiuti ed un look da rockstar ad un convegno cristiano presso la chiesa locale di Lakeland - Tampa - Florida.
Sarà l'opzione di terzo millennio, questa fede. Quell'affanno di: more,more,more...
Io faccio fatica a mantenere quello che ho già /compresi i malanni/ figurarsi pretendere di +;)


Relax Max said...

Thank you for this Hanna. I want more. More, more, more!

Love and prayers,
Vicar Ezra

BillyWarhol said...

oh god lord help us all*

i watched that Snake Oil Salesman Joel Osteen + his Trophy Blonde Wife on 60 Minutes last sunday + just about Barfed!


i am in the Wrong Bizne$$*******

i gotta figger out some way to Scam those Gullible Idiots*


HANNA said...

Max Relax!
I'm taken to maintain what I have now & here..
without more, more, more...

Then U r not some miracle happened?
watching those ???