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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Love & Blessings

Ho ricevuto questi due Award dal mio Angelo.
Grazie tantissime AngelBaby per questi Award di passaggio che sono arrivati al blog di YourCaringAngels e oggi lei ha scritto:

"I received this adorable award from Bluedreamer of Bluedreamer’s top 5. I just love this award so I want to share it with all of my wonderful blogging friends for all of their love and support. Please feel free to pass it along with lots of love.
Now to pass this along to all of my blogging friends so I am giving it to the following:

Wolfbernz, StarBaby, Trina, Bluedreamer, Barbara, Secret Simon, Bob, Coolingstar9, Bluecrystaldude, Colin, Mr. Viruz, Hye, Gimme A Dream, Larry, Stephen Levine, Lance, Billy Jack, David notes, Michael Lodispoto, Bluelicorice, Kimberly, Avee , RennyBA, Liara, Eastcoastlife, Ndpthepoetress, Mimi, NyteGoddessBoo, Sandee, Johnathan, Hanna, Posh Tottys Place, Sharin Gifts 4 U, Dickieboo, Surfaceearth, Eric S, Threio, Ice and Paula


award per hanna

Love and Blessings.



Shinade said...

Congratulations Hanna,
And thank you for stopping in and commenting.

I don't know where I will find macabre out here in the middle of nowhere but I shall try to come up with something you would like also.

But, it will have to be after I well and can do some driving and get out of this house.


PRand said...


aggiudicazione un perfetto per voi