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Tutti abbiamo il nostro negativo, delle zone d'ombra, o visioni speculari e parliamo d'amore, là, dove io muoio.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Poupée marseille

marseille161207 071, inserito originariamente da lederniercripakitob.


Max said...

Ciao Hanna,

Dio Santo...che cosa più bruta! E spaventoso anche!
Comunque è una opera d'arte molto interessante...

Baci e abbracci

P.S: Buon weekend per te :D!

HANNA said...

Hey MAX!!!
Buon fine settimana anche a te!
Hai ricevuto la mia email? o hai cambiato l'indirizzo?
Sai Cara, io adoro tutti i mostri, sghembi, orripilanti e macabrosità!
Li amo da morire!

Shinade said...

Ciao Hanna,
I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to drop by.

First I didn't see where you had signed until just the other day.

Then 2nd I have been very sick with pneumonia.

Third I was having my site redone by someone and had limited access for a few days.

I have missed you very much.

I also was gone visiting with my daughter for 5 months. It was supposed to be 1 month but that's really a long story.

I hope you have a fabulous week end!!

HANNA said...

Hi Jackie!
I hope, that everything is right now!
I miss U too!
Take care my buddy!

Shinade said...

Ciao Hanna,
I checked this time. Please drop back by tomorrow or the next day as I have some better photos.

Those are terrible today. I have just not felt well. But, I got some great shots in over the week end and just have to decide which to post!!