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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Traduzione delle gaffes Berlusconi, youtube

Gaffe prone Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi left the Queen distinctly unamused at the official G20 photocall.
TV footage shows the traditionally family photo with Her Majesty and the world's leaders at Buckingham Palace including Berlusconi and US President Barack Obama.
At the end of the event the Italian media tycoon turned politician can be heard shouting:"Mr Obama, Mr Obama", at which point the Queen turns round, sighs, raises her arms in annoyance and says: "Why does he have to shout?"

Berlusconi, 72, is well known for his gaffes and schoolboy jokes on the world's stage.
Last year he caused outrage by describing the US President as "suntanned".
He has also caused upset by referring to a German MEP as a "concentration camp guard" and he also once said that companies should set up in Italy because "the secretaries are pretty".
Berlusconi also once boasted that he had used all his "to convince Finland's female prime minister to set up the EU Food Safety Authority in Parma, Italy.

His practical jokes have also fallen foul of his long-suffering wife Veronica.
He was forced to make a public apology to her after he told two young female TV starlets that he "would marry them" if he wasn't already married.


In conferenza stampa da Mosca Berlusconi ha detto che Obama ha tutto per andare d’accordo col presidente Medvedev, perché «è giovane, bello e anche abbronzato»

A riguardo della proposta di basare l'Agenzia Europea per l'alimentazione a Parma invece che in Finlandia, Berlusconi crede di aver usato il suo carisma da PlayBoy per convincere la Primo Ministro Finlandese su tale sede.

"Se non fossi già sposato ti sposerei subito. Con te andrei ovunque" le proposte che Berlusconi aveva fatto ad Ayda Yespica e Mara Carfagna, scatenando le ire della consorte.

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